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Name:Volanz Adarga
Birthdate:Dec 23
==> HMD post
==> WTF is this character?
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==> Application: thegames

==> Be that lowblood kid.

You are now THAT LOWBLOOD KID. Your name is VOLANZ ADARGA. You are a TROLL and are SIX SWEEPS OLD. Your life has been PRETTY NORMAL SO FAR, and to tell the truth it seems pretty boring all things considered. Most of your time is consumed PROTECTING YOUR MEAGER TERRITORY from big predators with your lusus. You're NOT VERY GOOD AT IT, but you try very hard anyway.

When you're not doing this, you're usually playing STUPID GAMES with your STUPID FRIENDS, making things out of clay that you think are KIND OF COOL, and scavenging the local WILDS for stuff you can EAT. You're actually fairly decent at these three things.

You AREN'T MUCH OF A FIGHTER, you think, but if there's anything that your lusus taught you it's that THE BEST OFFENSE IS AN EXTREMELY VIGOROUS DEFENSE. As such, you do all your strifing with your SHIELDKIND SPECIBUS.

Online, you go by the troll tag vigilantAegis and you pretty ///uch under///ine yourself basically all the ti///e \\\hen you talk.
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